When To Push

IMG_3335There is a time to push, and a time when it is best to let things alone.

Saying the right thing at the right time is a big part of what I do, but just as importantly is knowing when to keep quiet.

Kind of like, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” We can read, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” a million times, but until we have learned the lesson, it is of no use.

Sometimes a client will explain to me, “I used to go to this place, but so and so upset me so I started going to another place, but they are too so and so, so then …. ” and I wonder silently if they can see their pattern.

Sometimes they are ready to see and break the pattern and sometimes not. But it is not for me to keep a person from learning their lesson.

I had to learn everything the hard way myself, so I understand.

But once you know, then you know. And that is what makes the bumps and bruises worth it. Getting to the other side. Growing. Becoming a better person. Feeling better about yourself and the world around you.

It is important for each of us to know when to push ourselves and when not to. The biggest thing to remember about making changes, is that we typically want to make drastic changes.

“Why can’t I just step from A to Z?” I would ask.

Now with myself, it is all about taking baby steps. It is about taking all the in-between steps. There are many letters between A and Z. If I take one little step at a time, before I know it there is change occurring!

So I invite you this week to sit down and write or journal about a big change that you want to make. It could be anything… a bad habit that you want to break or a goal that you want to accomplish.

Then break it down into little steps.

Chart your course. Draw up the plans. Say out loud, “I am …!!!” Proclaim what you are doing. Not what you are “going to do” or what you would “like to do” but proclaim what you are doing. What already is. What has already begun.

Then begin working with taking the first initial step and getting comfortable with that. You can move on from there!

And please keep me posted! I love when you share your stories with me!

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Audio Talk “The Flow of Abundance”

Thank you to Unity Church of Creative Living in St. Johns Florida! Reverend Mona has been such an inspiration to us all, it is a great honor to be invited to speak for her congregation!

Please enjoy!

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A Fascinating Surprise!

Sometimes it occurs to me that people these days invite me to come and speak at their church’s.

That is a pretty darn big deal if you ask me.

On Sunday I will be at Unity Church for Creative Living down in St. John’s Florida with my friends Reverend Mona and her husband Sean. And I will play music, lead meditation, and also give a talk.

Then I’m going to present a workshop called, “Solving the Puzzle of Life”(which my regular readers may very well be familiar with).

I am going to watch people’s entire lives change right before my eyes.

The very same way I am watching my own life change. The changes happen on the inside, as the “light comes on”. There is a new understanding, a new way of seeing something, or an answer that we have been seeking comes.

What is really slowly happening is that we are removing our fears and our excuses, so that we can become what we already are.

We forgive someone we thought we’d never forgive and didn’t want to forgive in the first place. We start thinking, “Well maybe that is possible after all!” We face things that we thought we would never face.

And we clean ourselves out. We uncover what is hidden down there underneath all the layers of protection. We’ve tried to protect ourselves with guilt, fear, anger and hostility, and a strange false sense of superiority. But all that is negative energy, and it has to go if we want to grow.

Of course, once a shift happens on the inside, this is the beginning of an outer change that will come. We start thinking a bit differently, speaking a bit differently, and then we find ourselves making different decisions. And slowly, our outer world begins to change in desirable ways.

It used to be that people would not have wanted me to speak in their church’s.

Actually, my life today is nothing short of a fascinating surprise to me. All I really knew was what I didn’t want. From that there were only so many options. And here I am a traveling minister and inspirational speaker. Here I am an energy healer and spiritual counselor. Here I am, using all of the lessons I’ve learned in life, to help other people and to be a positive constructive force in the world.

And this is just a little bit of it.

But for now, my message for myself and for you as well, is to take a deep breath and just be here now in this moment. I invite you to join me here. Let’s wipe away anything that we are going to do tomorrow or next week, and let’s just be okay right now. Let’s be centered.

As we are busy doing all that we do and planning all that we plan, it is easy to get caught up in all of that business. It is easy to get impatient and anxious. But any time this happens, we can always come back to center. Just by stopping and taking a nice deep breath and smiling and bringing ourselves back to the moment.

And to all of you who invite me to your church’s, who invite me to lead workshops and give concerts and speak, and to all of you who read this blog, and to all of my circle of friends,

THANK YOU for sharing this moment with me. I needed it.

kyle sittingKyle Shiver loves you!

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Prayer and Meditation for Today (10-15-2014)

At the origin of all things, is Love.

So all things must be Love. Even the things that don’t look like or feel like Love, must be. Because that is where all things originate from.

Contemplation on negativity such as “hate” and “violence” it seems that a person wouldn’t become angry or hateful unless one cared.

It is impossible to not be Love.

The teacher Marianne Williamson says, “Every action in the Universe is either an act of Love, or it is a call for Love.”

So when someone is mean to me, or when I fear that I cannot trust a person or situation, it is my job to see the Love in the person or in the situation.

When something or someone leaves my life, I must know that it is necessary. And that the thing or the person leaving is simply making space for what will be next.

I know that I come from Love and that I am Love. And the same is true about you.

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Belief vs. Knowing

IMG_1836In these times, there are many things that we know. People are pretty darn amazing.

Heck, they can do just about anything to a body part such as the heart. They are doing amazing things with stem cells, though you have to travel outside the USA. (which more and more people are doing, and my friend Lesta says that insurance companies are actually offering that now!?!?)

But even if they figured out how to create a heart, how to create a body, then how would the create the Spirit?

There are a lot of things we don’t know.

We cannot even make a piece of pine straw.

OSHO says that people who have “beliefs” have some common characteristics about them. They are sure that they are right. They really want you to believe what they believe. And if you don’t then you are on “the other team”.

What lies in-between beliefs and knowing or not knowing, is a beautiful thing; What resonates with you.

After a childhood of being offered “It is this way or it is hell!” it was wonderful to find that there are other ways. There are many other ways. There are many religions, many spiritual teachers and books, many different idea’s and explanations.

Today I have no unanswered questions. Everything makes sense. But, the answers to my questions aren’t really belief’s, because they are simply what makes sense to me.

As far as knowing goes, my answers may not be right. I don’t know if they are or not.

The point is that it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that everything makes sense to me. The answers to my questions resonate with me, or you could say that they just make the most sense.

So things are settled within me. And I don’t have the characteristics of someone with “beliefs” as OSHO spoke of so often. It doesn’t matter to me if you agree or don’t agree. I don’t even know if I’m right. And also, I am not sure that you are wrong if you don’t go along with me.

If you have unanswered questions and things don’t really make sense or resonate with you, then search until you find it.

What makes the most sense to you?

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Your “Feeler” Isn’t Broken

“A miracle is simply a shift in perception.” Marianne Williamson

However you feel is exactly the way you should feel.

The way you perceive things and the way you see things is going to dictate your feelings, and so your feelings have nothing to do with it really.

Feelings are a response.

Therefore, I say again that your feelings can only be right on the money. You should feel the way you feel.

During any given day it is very possible to feel lots of different things. As we go through life, we experience many different situations. Some of them are pleasant and some of them aren’t so pleasant.

Of course it hurts when you lose a loved one. Of course it hurts when things don’t go your way. Of course it feels good when you get that raise! Of course it feels good when you get to go on vacation and get a break from work. All this is very normal “up’s and down’s” of life.

But if you are feeling bad all the time, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can change our perception and the way we see things. And this will automatically change our feelings.

If you want to change your feelings, it is time to ask yourself one simple question; How can I see this situation in a different light? 

kyle_ssi_002 3Listen to Kyle’s talk, “Don’t Take Anything Personally” right HERE

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I Got Work To Do

IMG_4380A old friend of mine started messaging me on Facebook.

We grew up together, and his parents used to take us to the beach, and my dad used to take us to Georgia football games all the time. Dad even took us to football camps during the summer.

But after going through the hospital and rehab at age seventeen, I basically left my old life behind.

It was the only way.

He asked me if my dad and I still went to games and I told him about how we go to Jacksonville every year for the annual Georgia/Florida game. He said that he has been going to games in Athens all these years and that we should all go to a game.

I hemmed and hawed about it some. You know my schedule and all, and especially on weekends. It is just tough for me to get away. Athens is just too far.

But for some reason, I felt very led to do it this time.

We could go to Athens anytime really. There has been nothing stopping us all these years, except for me.

So last Saturday morning, dad and I went to Athens. We went to the book store and to the famous “Dawg Walk” to watch and cheer the players and coaches as they entered the stadium.

Then we went up to our seats and soon my friend and his wife appeared. I hugged them both and we chatted some and he and I figured out that it had been twenty-eight years since we’d seen each other.


What you must know about this story is that when growing up, I had planned on being a Georgia Bulldog.

Those camps my dad took us to were there at UGA with the real coach’s and the whole bit. I loved football, and worked hard at it. But then my little issues with getting high and drinking sort of directed things into… let’s just say, a different reality.

Standing there on the campus, hearing the beautiful sounds of the band, the cheering crowd, seeing the beautiful campus with all the lush tree’s and the stadium, it became clear to me that this hurt.

And that is exactly what I’ve been telling the Universe to do; “Show me the hurt!”

Here I was standing right in the middle of it.

Let me tell you something that is just as true as anything that anyone is ever going to say to you; Whatever your life circumstance is, wherever you are, whoever is in your life, it is all one-hundred percent through and through, for your healing. 

If you have it is is because you need it. If you didn’t need it you wouldn’t have it. It is all for your awakening and growth. I assure you.

All those years I avoided going to Athens and making excuses when I could have easily made it happen, were only me avoiding a sore spot. The annual Georgia/Florida game is in Jacksonville on neutral ground. It had been a bit of a challenge the first year or so that we went,

but nothing like this.

I still saw it all as a negative. This had been where I had planned on going to college. This had been what I had planned on doing with my life. This is what I had told my dad and everyone else that I was going to do.

Well guess what? I did something different! That was not my path in life.

I knew it one day during the last summer camp that we attended. It just came over me like a black cloud and said, “This isn’t it.”

Now my job is to pull out all the old photographs, all the memories, and all of the crushing disappointment that I went through during my teenage years, and turn them into a positive story.

It has been a negative story for way too long.

me, dad, and my childhood friend BillyAbout my buddy… we are going to a game together again next year!


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Working With the Law of the Universe

The Law’s of “Attraction” and “Cause and Effect” are just as sure and true as the Law of Gravity. Life is all about observing these Laws and figuring out how to work with them instead of against them.

Back in 1994 when it was decided once and for all that I’d pursue life as a musician, it seemed impossible.

I needed a cd of my songs, and wasn’t making much money at the time, so the plan had to be a very creative one.

An acquaintance owned a recording studio and he invited me to stop in and check the place out, so I did.

It wasn’t a great plan, but it was the best I could come up with at the time. Every month I would go to the studio with my guitar, and just play a song and record it. Then at the end of ten-twelve months, I would figure out what to do next and where to get the money to press cd’s from.

I decided fully within myself that this was my plan, and in doing so, activated the Universal Laws. I was “all in.”

Soon an angel appeared.

It was someone that I hadn’t seen or heard from in a while and so I just stopped in to see how he was doing. As it turned out, he was at a pretty low point in life, having within that last year, lost both his parents.

We talked, we played music together, and I told him all about my plans. Then off I went back to Atlanta, promising to stay in touch and keep him “in the loop”.

The next day I booked the first studio session for the next week, and called my friend to let him know, as I’d promised to do.

And this was when things changed.

He told me that he had some money that his parents had left him, and that he was going to pay to record my cd right now, and also to get me a thousand copies made. When I asked what he would want in return or how I he would want me to pay him back, he said, “I just want to see the smile on your face.”

And if you want stories, I’ve got a million of them. (though this is one of my favorites.)

But the key to this story is not the story, it is the conviction, the decision, and the plan I made and intended on carrying out, no matter what. In doing these things, the Universal Laws were activated.

It doesn’t always happen so quickly. It doesn’t always happen so easily. It never seems possible.

But it is possible.

kyle_ssi_006If you need a little help in life, please call me! Schedule your phone, Skype, or in-office session today, and let’s get busy! 912-495-8520 or kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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In A Cabin Somewhere…

IMG_4333Somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina there is a cabin. It is really dark, but the cabin is lit up and quite easy to find.

On the front screened in porch, Lesta Sue and Elizabeth sit in rockers, sharing their souls and obviously in a world of their own. They welcome me, but should get back to what they were sharing together.

Paula and Stephen too are engrossed in conversation.

In the other room there is wine and coffee and even some special ginger-ale that is said to cure most any ailment. There are crackers and nuts and Charlene has smoked salmon that is especially for Reverend Dale.

Bradley is here, and my Spirit sister Bunni says that I don’t have to pay her for her wonderful soap, but I happily will. (You should try it! Just click HERE)

Susan just emits her bright glowing light, and occasionally speaks, but the words are drown out by the light and vibration that is constantly flowing from her. (not that I don’t listen closely to you Susan)

Reverends Margaret and David are here, and the conversation is very animated. Heavy discussion is going on about different spiritual ideas and there are others here too…

Everyone is so alive!

Annette from Unity of Wilmington comes in with a friend, and thank goodness. Just the night before last, they were yelling at us to, “Be quite we are trying to sleep over here!”

Yes I had been involved… Charlene and I had burst out in the call and response song, “I am, I am, the Light, the Light, of God, of God…” and it had seemed like a really good idea at the time.

As Charlene said, “I could say I’m sorry but I’m really not.”

Reverend Dale and I go outside so that he can have his nightly cigar, and I fire up one of my organic cigarettes. Several others soon join us.

But even though this is our last night together, people start quietly excusing themselves to go back to their respective cabins. None of us slept much this week.

Charlene and I are the last of the outside smokers, and she tells me that the talk I gave last year in Myrtle Beach about my self-realization, jolted her into her own self-realization. We agree that everything is just already so perfect that it is easy to miss.

Back in my room it is now 2 a.m. but I will get up at 7 to pack and get my things together. It will be time to check out, get breakfast and then be in place for the closing ceremony.

This week was filled with so many beautiful Spirits from so many places, so much inspiration and enthusiasm, and so much genuine love.

It is a tough life living here in Heaven, but somebody has to do it!

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Home and Inspired

Just returned from a spiritual retreat in North Carolina, and it was yet another beautiful life experience.

It feels a little like cheating because at a retreat, everyone is happy and polite. Everyone is all about the love and you get so much encouragement and inspiration, and best of all, people say, “You can do it and I see your power and I believe in you!

Enter the real world.

And I am bound and determined to bring the retreat back home to be a part of the real world.

It is always my goal to inspire, to be cheerful, and to be a positive force in the world, but sometimes we all (yes, even me) need to stop and get some gas.

Savannah Kanuga 2014Kanuga 2014 with Stephen Caywood, Becky Barbee, Mimi Guy Mendrela, and the Reverend Dale Worley. Yours truly in the middle. 

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