Football and A Spiritual Experience


Sometimes people are really surprised that I am such an avid football fanatic.

You see me sitting in meditation, or in a “spiritual setting”, and so maybe it is hard to imagine me yelling, “Go Dawgs!!!” at the television set. (or better yet at the game) But if you ask me, football season should last year ’round!

Yes yes… football is a physical sport and a violent sport. Yes yes… people get hurt. It is easy for me to understand why some think it odd that I am such a fan, but to me, it doesn’t get much more spiritual than a good football game.

And let me explain,

Discipline. The truly spiritual life is a life that requires great discipline. We watch what we say, what we do, and what we eat. We pray, we meditate, and we read scripture. If you want to see discipline for real, just go spend a couple of days in a monastery. Discipline.

Having played football while growing up, I understand the game. It is like I’m out there on the field. I know every nuance. The smell of the grass, all the brilliant colors, the fans, and at college games the bands… and… these guys devote so much time and so much of their lives for this game.

Me and my dad at the GA/FL game 2013

Me and my dad at the GA/FL game 2013

The constant physical training, the film-studying, the playbook studying, the countless hours spent practicing and honing their skills.

These guys are truly remarkable. And like perhaps a monk living in a monastery, they have devoted their lives to a discipline.

The physicalness, the mental clarity and toughness… all I see is SPIRIT.

Not only that, but football is my only hobby. It’s the only thing, besides spending time with my precious family, that I do that isn’t work. Not that I’m complaining about work, but most people may not imagine that I am usually working. The music, the workshops, the speaking, the writing, the painting, and the scheduling, it all keeps me pretty busy and I love that. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

IMG_2856But…. I am unavailable every year on the day of the Georgia/Florida game.

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What the Universe Wants

elephany kilimanjaroThe other day my lovely wife struck up a conversation about places in the world that we would like to visit.

We have a six year old princess daughter, so my first response was to think about places that she would enjoy. Where could we go that we would all enjoy?

We came up with several ideas and options, and then she said, “But where would you go?”

It must be really frustrating for her at times. As a matter of fact, I know that it is. This is simply because I already do what I love all the time.

So I don’t sit around a dream about being other places or doing something else. When everybody wants to go on vacation it can be hard to tear me away. (perhaps I’m always on vacation?)

Just this weekend I did two gigs, played at church, played for a Yoga class, and also did a meditation workshop. Also there is the constant writing every chance I get, and let’s not forget that I have clients, and also am pretty involved in starting a new church.(Haven’t mentioned that here, but will soon enough)

But after just a moment of reflection I told her that I’d go to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand and volunteer to take care of the elephants there for a while.

Please don’t ask me why the strong attraction to elephants because it beats me. But to go there and do that would be… awesome. It would be just totally out of my reality and beyond anything I’ve ever done.

And I wouldn’t even mind shoveling the poop. Elephants make a lot of poop. Even the little ones.

Maybe one of these days… but something tells me that I’d want to get back to my life after a week or so. Maybe it would be peaceful there and I could really focus on the book?

See? I’m impossible. Who would think about going on vacation and then wonder if it would help get more work done?

It’s because my work isn’t work at all. My work is my love. And it isn’t because I’m lucky either.

It doesn’t have anything to do with luck at all.

What happened was that one day I accepted death. And on that day it was decided that I would’t waste my time doing meaningless things that I had no interest in. So I just quit doing that and starting doing things that I wanted to do.

I am sure that this is what the Universe wants.

Oh, and Heather and I concluded that we are going to take Lily to one of those places where she can swim with dolphins and play with them. That seems to be what she has wanted for years now… we used to watch Youtube video’s, and the general rule of thumb is that the kid has to be seven years old. And… Lily’s seventh birthday is upon us real soon.

I only hope my friend Julia doesn’t get too upset, because she is an activist for dolphins and doesn’t find Sea World particularly cool.

But a man can only do the best he can, and if I can please just one woman… that will be pretty good. No?



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It Has Only Just Begun

kyle 4I have accomplished everything I’ve ever set out to do. Many times not knowing how it was going to happen, or having any idea where the money or the way was going to come from. Only knowing that it would come.

It turns out that I am a musician and an artist. I create stuff. I have written and figured out some way to release 8 CD’s. Also there was an instrumental CD and a guided meditation CD, bringing the count to 10.


Sometimes I paint too, and people buy my paintings. My record keeping is probably, well, it is non-existent, so there really isn’t any way to figure out how many of my paintings are out there in the world or where they may be.

As a musician and artist, I am good at creating. But then what happens is that it is time for me to move on. Oh I always tour in support of CD’s, and used to travel extensively most all the time, but I’m much better at creating CD’s and art than I am at selling them.

Just ask my wife.

So the really great part of this is that I can have a vision and then manifest it into reality. The not so great part is that I never did hit the “big time”, get a hit song, or make a million bucks.

The obvious “elephant in the room” so to speak, is that what I care about is what I’m creating. I create because that is what I do. I don’t create to make a million bucks. I create to create.

Now music and art are still a part of my life and always will be, but they have turned into something much bigger. Now it is about inspirational speaking, spiritual counseling, and working with others to heal their wounds.

It is in healing that we are healed.

You know how the surfer’s “ride the wave”? That is what happens when playing music, when I’m in the middle of and engrossed in a new painting, and it also happens when speaking to an audience or working with others. But speaking and working with others is turning out to be more fulfilling.

It seems bigger.

Because I am a creator, all there is to do is to continue to create. It is for me to continue to pull off the miraculous. And just when it seemed like things were through, it has been revealed to me that

things have only just begun!

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A Different Story

The idea of “Lack” is simply a state of consciousness. It is your perception. It is what you have convinced yourself of. It is a reality that we create. It is the story we tell ourselves.

It is an endless stream of, “I can’t afford that”, “I should have done that instead of this”, “Some people are smarter than me”… One of my big one’s was, “I’m just a musician and 99% of musicians never make any money.”

It is true that lots of musicians don’t make the “real” money and that being a musician isn’t necessarily a highly sought out profession for those seeking financial success. It is also true that there are stigma’s that society has about musicians. Lazy, broke, late, untrustworthy, and of course they know where to get the good dope and they are always high.

At one point in life, I had sort of taken all these ideas and put them over me like a cloak. Then all these ideas became rules. They became me.

And then wondered why my life was going so poorly.

It is all a trap. It is all a bunch of malarkey. But I had taken on all these ideas and begun to live out the story.

Lets change the story!!!

This is exactly why you may be seeing people making gratitude lists on Facebook. This is why we try to stop complaining. This is why we stop arguing and putting people down and gossiping. This is why we read spiritual books, scriptures, and prayers.

We take on spiritual practices in an effort to change the story we are telling.

As it turns out, I am in fact a musician, but am very trustworthy. I am usually¬†on time. Because I am a night owl, mornings usually start between 9 and 10(depending on what time I went to bed) but this by no means deems me as lazy. Most of the time when awake, I’m working.

And I’m not broke anymore either. I’m not afraid to ask for what I need, and I can afford what I need for myself and my family.

Because I changed the story. I overrode the rules that I myself had made.

And I am continuing to change my story to an even better story. I continue to disregard the rules or astigmatism’s that society or someone else may have about me. I make my own rules, and they are in accord with Universal Law.

Today if you are not happy with your life, please realize that YOU are the story-teller. YOU are making the rules and drawing the lines in the same.

If you don’t like your life, it is time to begin to start telling a different story!

kyle_ssi_002 3Kyle Shiver is a musician, an inspirational speaker, and spiritual counselor. To schedule a phone or Skype appointment, e-mail or call 912-495-8520.


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When To Push

IMG_3335There is a time to push, and a time when it is best to let things alone.

Saying the right thing at the right time is a big part of what I do, but just as importantly is knowing when to keep quiet.

Kind of like, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” We can read, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” a million times, but until we have learned the lesson, it is of no use.

Sometimes a client will explain to me, “I used to go to this place, but so and so upset me so I started going to another place, but they are too so and so, so then …. ” and I wonder silently if they can see their pattern.

Sometimes they are ready to see and break the pattern and sometimes not. But it is not for me to keep a person from learning their lesson.

I had to learn everything the hard way myself, so I understand.

But once you know, then you know. And that is what makes the bumps and bruises worth it. Getting to the other side. Growing. Becoming a better person. Feeling better about yourself and the world around you.

It is important for each of us to know when to push ourselves and when not to. The biggest thing to remember about making changes, is that we typically want to make drastic changes.

“Why can’t I just step from A to Z?” I would ask.

Now with myself, it is all about taking baby steps. It is about taking all the in-between steps. There are many letters between A and Z. If I take one little step at a time, before I know it there is change occurring!

So I invite you this week to sit down and write or journal about a big change that you want to make. It could be anything… a bad habit that you want to break or a goal that you want to accomplish.

Then break it down into little steps.

Chart your course. Draw up the plans. Say out loud, “I am …!!!” Proclaim what you are doing. Not what you are “going to do” or what you would “like to do” but proclaim what you are doing. What already is. What has already begun.

Then begin working with taking the first initial step and getting comfortable with that. You can move on from there!

And please keep me posted! I love when you share your stories with me!

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Audio Talk “The Flow of Abundance”

Thank you to Unity Church of Creative Living in St. Johns Florida! Reverend Mona has been such an inspiration to us all, it is a great honor to be invited to speak for her congregation!

Please enjoy!

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A Fascinating Surprise!

Sometimes it occurs to me that people these days invite me to come and speak at their church’s.

That is a pretty darn big deal if you ask me.

On Sunday I will be at Unity Church for Creative Living down in St. John’s Florida with my friends Reverend Mona and her husband Sean. And I will play music, lead meditation, and also give a talk.

Then I’m going to present a workshop called, “Solving the Puzzle of Life”(which my regular readers may very well be familiar with).

I am going to watch people’s entire lives change right before my eyes.

The very same way I am watching my own life change. The changes happen on the inside, as the “light comes on”. There is a new understanding, a new way of seeing something, or an answer that we have been seeking comes.

What is really slowly happening is that we are removing our fears and our excuses, so that we can become what we already are.

We forgive someone we thought we’d never forgive and didn’t want to forgive in the first place. We start thinking, “Well maybe that is possible after all!” We face things that we thought we would never face.

And we clean ourselves out. We uncover what is hidden down there underneath all the layers of protection. We’ve tried to protect ourselves with guilt, fear, anger and hostility, and a strange false sense of superiority. But all that is negative energy, and it has to go if we want to grow.

Of course, once a shift happens on the inside, this is the beginning of an outer change that will come. We start thinking a bit differently, speaking a bit differently, and then we find ourselves making different decisions. And slowly, our outer world begins to change in desirable ways.

It used to be that people would not have wanted me to speak in their church’s.

Actually, my life today is nothing short of a fascinating surprise to me. All I really knew was what I didn’t want. From that there were only so many options. And here I am a traveling minister and inspirational speaker. Here I am an energy healer and spiritual counselor. Here I am, using all of the lessons I’ve learned in life, to help other people and to be a positive constructive force in the world.

And this is just a little bit of it.

But for now, my message for myself and for you as well, is to take a deep breath and just be here now in this moment. I invite you to join me here. Let’s wipe away anything that we are going to do tomorrow or next week, and let’s just be okay right now. Let’s be centered.

As we are busy doing all that we do and planning all that we plan, it is easy to get caught up in all of that business. It is easy to get impatient and anxious. But any time this happens, we can always come back to center. Just by stopping and taking a nice deep breath and smiling and bringing ourselves back to the moment.

And to all of you who invite me to your church’s, who invite me to lead workshops and give concerts and speak, and to all of you who read this blog, and to all of my circle of friends,

THANK YOU for sharing this moment with me. I needed it.

kyle sittingKyle Shiver loves you!

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Prayer and Meditation for Today (10-15-2014)

At the origin of all things, is Love.

So all things must be Love. Even the things that don’t look like or feel like Love, must be. Because that is where all things originate from.

Contemplation on negativity such as “hate” and “violence” it seems that a person wouldn’t become angry or hateful unless one cared.

It is impossible to not be Love.

The teacher Marianne Williamson says, “Every action in the Universe is either an act of Love, or it is a call for Love.”

So when someone is mean to me, or when I fear that I cannot trust a person or situation, it is my job to see the Love in the person or in the situation.

When something or someone leaves my life, I must know that it is necessary. And that the thing or the person leaving is simply making space for what will be next.

I know that I come from Love and that I am Love. And the same is true about you.

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Belief vs. Knowing

IMG_1836In these times, there are many things that we know. People are pretty darn amazing.

Heck, they can do just about anything to a body part such as the heart. They are doing amazing things with stem cells, though you have to travel outside the USA. (which more and more people are doing, and my friend Lesta says that insurance companies are actually offering that now!?!?)

But even if they figured out how to create a heart, how to create a body, then how would the create the Spirit?

There are a lot of things we don’t know.

We cannot even make a piece of pine straw.

OSHO says that people who have “beliefs” have some common characteristics about them. They are sure that they are right. They really want you to believe what they believe. And if you don’t then you are on “the other team”.

What lies in-between beliefs and knowing or not knowing, is a beautiful thing; What resonates with you.

After a childhood of being offered “It is this way or it is hell!” it was wonderful to find that there are other ways. There are many other ways. There are many religions, many spiritual teachers and books, many different idea’s and explanations.

Today I have no unanswered questions. Everything makes sense. But, the answers to my questions aren’t really belief’s, because they are simply what makes sense to me.

As far as knowing goes, my answers may not be right. I don’t know if they are or not.

The point is that it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that everything makes sense to me. The answers to my questions resonate with me, or you could say that they just make the most sense.

So things are settled within me. And I don’t have the characteristics of someone with “beliefs” as OSHO spoke of so often. It doesn’t matter to me if you agree or don’t agree. I don’t even know if I’m right. And also, I am not sure that you are wrong if you don’t go along with me.

If you have unanswered questions and things don’t really make sense or resonate with you, then search until you find it.

What makes the most sense to you?

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Your “Feeler” Isn’t Broken

“A miracle is simply a shift in perception.” Marianne Williamson

However you feel is exactly the way you should feel.

The way you perceive things and the way you see things is going to dictate your feelings, and so your feelings have nothing to do with it really.

Feelings are a response.

Therefore, I say again that your feelings can only be right on the money. You should feel the way you feel.

During any given day it is very possible to feel lots of different things. As we go through life, we experience many different situations. Some of them are pleasant and some of them aren’t so pleasant.

Of course it hurts when you lose a loved one. Of course it hurts when things don’t go your way. Of course it feels good when you get that raise! Of course it feels good when you get to go on vacation and get a break from work. All this is very normal “up’s and down’s” of life.

But if you are feeling bad all the time, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can change our perception and the way we see things. And this will automatically change our feelings.

If you want to change your feelings, it is time to ask yourself one simple question; How can I see this situation in a different light? 

kyle_ssi_002 3Listen to Kyle’s talk, “Don’t Take Anything Personally” right HERE

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