Go To the Disturbance

spinning-vortexMy regular readers may know that Heather(my wife) listens to Joel Osteen most every week. Today while we were cleaning, she was listening to one of his talks and as usual, I became intrigued.

Opinion’s about Joel aside, he was describing a lady and her husband who had gone to a tropical island for vacation. On the first day, the husband had drowned. The lady of course was hysterical and upset. Not only was she without family and friends during this very trying time, it would be days before she would be able to get a flight home.

One day a maid heard the lady crying and sobbing in her room, and so she went and knocked on the door to check on the lady.

The story isn’t about the lady and her now deceased husband, it is about the maid.

Osteen said; “The maid heard the lady crying in the other room, and right then and there, she decided to become a healer. She went to the disturbance!” The maid was able to console the lady in distress and be there for her. The maid helped and made things much easier for the woman, until she could make arrangements to fly her and her husband’s body home.

The maid could have easily said, “Well that rich lady can cry all she wants, I’ve got things to do.” She could have come up with a million reasons to leave the disturbance alone. After all, it wasn’t her disturbance.

But it was her disturbance.

She couldn’t hear or see another person in such distress, and just walk away. She put aside the facts that the lady was a certainly much wealthier than her and in a much better life position, and she saw a person who was in pain.

Me? I don’t always go to the disturbance. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me. Sometimes I am too busy. Sometimes it seems like there are just way too many disturbances around me. I know that in my way of understanding the world, it is all God. So God is where the disturbance is, and God is where I am weather I’m going towards or away from the disturbance. This isn’t in question.

But when this lady decided to be a healer and went to the disturbance, she decided to deal with it, to take it on, to see if she could help, … God seems a lot bigger and a lot more real.

I didn’t even hear the end of the story or anything, as I was busy going about my day. But just the part I heard was very inspiring and thought provoking to me. “Do I go to the disturbance? or do I ignore it?” The story just made clear to me that it is when I “go to the disturbance”, that this is where God gets really real.

When I don’t want to face something, when I don’t want to pay a bill, when I don’t want to deal with your problems, when I hear someone in distress who is crying, this is when I need to go to the disturbance. No mater how big or how small it may seem, I need to go towards the disturbance.

Because this is how we grow, and this is the whole idea of the Universe as I see it. The Universe is God. God is the Universal Laws, or “the Way”. The Laws want to be used and activated. They are there for us to activate. When we forgive, we are automatically forgiven and it can be no other way. When we give we will receive and it can be no other way. When we love we are loved and it can be no other way.

When we are compassionate and we go to the disturbance, there becomes “un-disturbed”, and it can be no other way.

at Kanuga 2013

at Kanuga 2013

Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and inspirational speaker currently living in Savannah Georgia. If you are ready to change your life, please call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us  and get started right now!


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You Are My “Guru”

Kyle with Swami Kenananda

Kyle with Swami Kenananda

People sometimes ask me “who is your guru?” or they assume that my guru is Paramahansa Yogananda or OSHO, or my brother Swami Ken.(Because these are the folks that I quote or speak of most often)

The truth is that I have no one specific guru. The truth is that I receive from many different “way-showers”. Besides the above mentioned, there is Don Miguel Ruiz, Roy Eugene Davis, Swami Kriyananda, Charles Fillmore, Earnest Holmes, and Deepak Chopra. (there are many many more)

Then there are many “way-showers” who are a part of my life. The people I am closest to are to be counted, but in reality, if you are in my life, you are my guru. This is because I take the lessons and the scriptures very closely to my heart.

The most important and most beneficial lesson is that you are a reflection of me. Everything is a reflection of me.

I invite you to begin deepening this spiritual understanding by playing a game! The game of course, is to spend time imagining that everything and everyone you see, is YOU. Your home, where you work, all the people around you, EVERYTHING is a reflection of the inner self.

We are all having a different life experience. Some of us experience the “guru”, while some of us do not. Some of us experience the angels, while some do not. Some of us experience one religion, while others of us experience something different. For me, the outer world is a reflection of my inner world. Thus, anyone I see can only be me. And I can only be them.

If you practice this exercise, the main thing that it does is that it begins to remove you from victim consciousness. It rearranges things so that I cannot say things like, “You made me mad!” or “You are really uptight!” If you are a reflection of me, it causes me to look at myself and see in myself what I am seeing in you. This is a good thing!

kyle_ssi_003Kyle Shiver is a Spiritual Healer and counselor currently living in Savannah Georgia. If you’d like Spiritual Healing, Reiki or energy healing, or just to talk with somebody who can help, call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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Working The Puzzle(part one)

The cubeDo you ever feel like there is a way to get what you want, but you don’t know what “the way” is?

I do. I know that if we can have thoughts about something, then it is possible for it to become reality. It seems to me that a thought could not exist, unless it was a possibility. All things that we see and all the things that we have, were at one time, just idea’s and thought’s in some crazy person’s head.

Airplane? Car? Electricity? Video-conferencing in real-time with anyone anywhere in the world?

So the truth is, that our idea’s typically aren’t that big of a deal as far as the Universe is concerned. But they are to us. We have a vision for a restaurant, starting a church, buying a new car, finding the right job, or maybe we would like to for once have a healthy relationship. Yesterday I was speaking with a man who just wants to buy school supplies for his kids.

If we compare air-travel or flying to the moon with your opening a restaurant, we see that your restaurant doesn’t look all that challenging. Am I right? Please correct me if I’m wrong here, but the truth is that what we want looks really big to us. It looks downright impossible. All that we can see are all the reasons why we cannot do it. All that we see are all the things that we don’t have. We are filled with self-doubt. We are filled with doubt about those around us. We are just filled with doubt, and so, many dreams and idea’s are never manifested into our realm. And of course most importantly, it isn’t our fault. Right?

Not hardly. It is my fault. I am responsible. This is me. These are my ideas and desires. This is my relationship with the Universal Laws or with God, however you want to look at it. If my relationship isn’t useful, if I cannot use it, then we must ask ourselves, “What good is it?”

If you don’t know by now, my blogs are not “from me to you”, but they are for us both. This is a “we” thing here and we do this together! So here are some points for us both to contemplate and remember:

1) If we have an idea or a vision or a desire, then it is a definite possibility. It already exists as an idea and so it is now a matter of manifesting into reality. It is already there and waiting for us.

2) I can either be in the way and stopping my idea, or I can be propelling and creating my idea. We must rid ourselves of self-doubt, and know(KNOW) that having the idea and desire in the first place means that it is a possibility. If you can envision it, then it can be reality.

3) It’s like a Rubik’s Cube. Remember those? If my life is not the way I want it to be, it is because I am not making the correct moves with the puzzle. Therefore, I need to make some different moves! Of course it seems to me that I am doing things right, but… I am not getting the results that I want. Get a clue! Let’s ask ourselves, “What can I do differently?”

4) Let us affirm that we have visions and desires for a reason. They are to be manifested into reality. It is for us to do. We can make some different moves. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions are what we can control. Let’s make some changes!

5) The Rubik’s Cube came out when I was in middle school. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me, so I finally gave in and bought a book. None of the moves the book instructed me to make made any sense to me whatsoever. But when I followed those moves and patterns, … shazam! I worked the Rubik’s Cube. There are a lot of books on this subject of creating and manifesting and spirituality in general. The suggested moves may not make any sense to us, but…

This stuff works.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series, because I am not kidding!

kyle_ssi_002 3Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and inspirational speaker, currently living in Savannah Georgia. Want to have a session with Kyle? Call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us  and schedule your phone, Skype, or in-office session today. 

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Dealing With Physical Pain

As a spiritual healer, I deal regularly with people who are in emotional pain. But sometimes I work with people who are having physical pain, or who are suffering from an illness or dis-ease.

The main difference is that I have had emotional pain, and I can relate that to people, whereas, I have not experienced migraines, cancer, or crohn’s disease, so I sometimes find myself in unchartered territory in that way. With physical pain, people are sometimes very interested in hanging on to it, just as they are with emotional pain. And I am not going to tell you that pain isn’t real, weather emotional or physical. What you are experiencing is very real.

So what I want to offer today are some idea’s, and hopefully one of them may work for you:

1) Go to the pain: Our initial reaction to pain is to recoil. This is normal. We try to get away from it, we are against it, everything in our being is saying “NO!!!” So this idea involves working with that and turning it around to say, “YES!!!” Now that you have recoiled, the pain is still there anyway, so try to reverse the recoil, and go to the pain. Welcome it. Feel it. Accept it. Don’t be afraid of it. I have witnessed this working with both emotional and physical pain, so it is worth a try.

2) Tell your brain to stop: Okay, you cut your foot, but you cannot even feel or move your foot unless the brain is involved. So the cut sends a signal to the brain, and the brain sends a signal back to the foot. What you do in this case is you tell your brain, “I know my foot has been cut and is repairing its self and the pain is not necessary. I know what is going on. So stop sending me the pain signals!” You are getting the pain signal, so that you know something is out of place or hurt. So just say things like, “I already know and I am taking this matter into account, and the body is healing its self.” And yes, this works for some people.

3) Get your mind off of it: What happens when you are captivated by something? Your mind and body become totally involved in it. A good football game, a video game, a movie or a book, or even a good conversation about something other than your pain and troubles. Typically when we have pain, every bit of our focus goes to the pain. This technique is to put as much focus as possible, somewhere else. There have been lots of recent studies with this, and it is proven to work, even for wounded soldiers and people with extreme chronic pain. If your brain gets involved enough in something else, you will forget the pain.

4) Doctors or Holistic help: I am in no way against medicine, and highly suggest going to a doctor if your situation calls for it. It may be that medicine will help you, it may be that medicine along with one of the above ideas will help you, or you may find that one of the above ideas helps and you don’t need a doctor. But in any case, there is nothing wrong with seeking medical attention as far as I’m concerned. You can also explore holistic treatments, Reiki, or other energy healing treatments.

5) Look within: As my dad says, “Mind over matter will only get you so far.” In other words, we don’t know of anyone yet who has managed not to die. That being said and taken into account, my dad also agrees and says that, “Lots of our illness and things that are wrong with us are in our minds.” So, the truth is that sometimes we can learn a lot from our pain. We know that pain, weather emotional or physical, is a signal that something is wrong. We also know that some of our physical issues are directly caused by our mental and emotional state. So… you can ask yourself the question, “Why am I doing this?” or “What am I trying to tell myself?” or “What is the root cause of this pain? Where is it coming from?” If  you can get to the point of asking yourself these questions, you might be surprisingly find that you get an answer!

kyle_ssi_007Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner currently living in Savannah Georgia. To schedule your phone, Skype, or in-office session with Kyle, just call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us


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I see that we must have duality in this world. Everything in the world has an opposite, and so I see that as Law, or Absolute.

But this quickly changes the game on me. All those bumper stickers about “World Peace”, and all those ideas about finding a solution to homelessness, or any kind of idea of any “perfect” situation just goes out the window. John Lennon sang of perfection in his song “Imagine”, and it is, I must admit, a beautiful ideal.

There are a lot of people in the spiritual communities who are very much into the idea of “saving the world”.

It’s just another ego trip. This is just something that you are doing to feel better about yourself. Yes it is “positive” as opposed to putting someone down in order to feel better about yourself, but still… You are just trying to feel better about yourself. It’s like the Rambo movie, with all the same drama.

“Look at me! I’m “Peace Man!”

Okay, well this is at first a little depressing I know. But I’m not here to depress you. I’m here because someone is going to read this and “get it”. This is going to make a positive change in someone. Possible in a lot of people. And I’m not doing this to save you or the world either. I don’t need to feel better about myself. I don’t need to feel better about you either.

If we must have both “good” and “bad”, if this is how the world is and it is Law or Absolute, then this also negates both of these ideas. If you need one in order to have the other, then both are necessary to the process. This means that “good” is not really “good” and “bad” is not really “bad”. If you can’t have one without the other, then are they not one in the same?

Do you see?

So you stop seeing things as “good” or “bad”. Things just are. And trust me, this has put me through a lot of changes, and forced me to ask myself questions that I didn’t even know existed. Well, actually it is the same old questions, but my answers are very different now, because my perception of the world is very different now.

The answers?

I am not the body or the mind. I am not what you see. I am SPIRIT. Pure Awareness. I AM awake and I am ready! And I do not have the need to create a false sense of superiority. I know I’m not going to “save the world” or wipe out homelessness. It is no use. Impossible.

But what I also know is that I am to make a difference in someone’s life today. As an awakened SPIRIT, I can decide what I want to do. I can decide what my purpose is. And my purpose is not to “save the world” but to maybe help one person. Maybe not to end homelessness, but to feed a hungry person and make them laugh. When you think something bad has happened, I understand. But I also see that whatever has happened is only a necessary part of the process. I can be strong and sit with you. And most importantly, I can love you. I can be understanding.

As I let go of and detach from the idea of “good” and “bad”, I am less and less affected by the outer world around me. And so much of the time I can remain in a calm and centered place, or what the Buddha called “The Middle Way”. (at least I think that’s what he meant)

You may ask me now, “Kyle, if there is no “good” or “bad” then what is your point? You want to help people, which is “good”, and you just told me that there is no “good”.

But I did not say that we don’t experience “good” and “bad” or that these don’t exist. What I am saying is that they are one in the same.

The “Middle Way” is neither. It is emotional balance. It feels the kind of “good” that has no opposite. The mystics call it “Joy” or sometimes even “bliss”.

So the idea is to get off the see-saw or the emotional roller coaster. The idea is to stop falling for it. The idea is to actually not be controlled by the outer world, but to control your self. The idea is to wake up and realize who and what you truly are.

This means that if you want to change the world, you must start with changing yourself. Any time I meet someone who is feverishly trying to change something in the world, no matter if it is for a “good” cause or a “bad” cause, this simply lets me know that they are not wanting to look within themselves.

At some point we come to see the “good” and the “bad” as…… ONE.

kyle_ssi_006Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner who works with clients all over the world via phone and Skype, or in his office in Savannah Georgia. Call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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Less Fear and More Love!

I had been playing music around Atlanta for about a year and a half. Having played guitar since early childhood, it was simply a matter of me learning and getting used to singing.

It started with going to a weekly open mic at the old Midtown Music Hall, and soon I was going to other weekly open mic’s, making friends, and there developed this group of us “open mic folks” who hung out and played our songs for each other. There was an open mic to choose from on any night of the week in Atlanta, and soon I became very engrossed in this activity of writing songs and then taking them out and playing them. The typical open mic was crowded with people, and each person who signed up would get “3 songs or fifteen minutes” of fame.

The next thing I knew someone said to me, “Hey Kyle we are doing a songwriter’s in the round gig at “Eat Your Vegetables” (which later became the Vortex in Little Five Points) and we need a third guy if you are interested!”

A real gig? Playing my own original music? I vaguely remember his voice through the fog saying, “It doesn’t pay much but we can put out a tip jar and you can sell cd’s if you have any.”

Of course my answer was “yes” and of course I was already on the path, and of course, at the time I didn’t know it.

For another year or so I would work all day, and then go out to either an open mic or a gig every night. Sometimes I’d sit on my bed playing guitar and I would wonder, “What in the world am I going to do with my life?” I’ve told the story of my self-realization a million times. When it finally dawned on me who and what I truly am, that I was going to be a musician, I was already doing it. I called a friend and told him, and he said, “Uh, I thought you knew that already?”

I was the last one to know.

But not this time. This time I see very clearly what I am already doing. I see very clearly what I already am. I see things evolving, and though I am not yet sure of how they will evolve, I know that they are evolving.

Just the other day while having lunch with my brother Micheal Elliot, he made some statements that are still reverberating loudly in my head; “Everything I’ve ever done has always made a lot of money, but money was never my motive.” he said.

This rang so loudly in my mind because of the fact that I’ve always lived from day to day and week to week. I’ve always existed on the lower level of the financial rung. And I want to stop. There is a wife and a daughter now. There is a house and a yard now. Though I seem very calm on the surface, there is at times the most unbearable pressure underneath. This pressure causes me to focus on what I perceive myself as not having, which is money.

And then I am operating our of fear, instead of love.

So thank you Micheal for that message. We spoke many words over lunch, but those were the words that mattered.

Let us at all times and in all of our endeavor’s, ask ourselves, “Am I acting out of fear or out of love?” And let us know that at our core, we are pure Love. Let us go through the process of transitioning ourselves from a world of fear to the world of Love(Heaven).

This time as things continue to unfold, I will not be surprised and things won’t be unexpected. This time I will be very clear about my intentions and motives. And this time it is going to be about less fear and more love!

kyle_ssi_008Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner living in Savannah Georgia. Schedule your phone, Skype, or in-office session 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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Looking For A Reason

This has been an eventful summer for people in my “general vicinity”. How to say this? Lots of difficult situations have happened to friends of friends.

Maybe it is just because I’m older now, or it could just be that Facebook has me daily connected to so very many people. But … it has been an eventful summer, we’ve lost some people, and so there are a lot of people still with us, who are hurting.

There are accidents, there are incidents, then there are those who are “too young”, that turn out to not be too young. There is no explaining that I can do. There is no one solid answer that I can give you either. In my experience and observation, when we lose someone, even if it is expected, it is just like getting hit really hard in the head.

The best thing to do is to just sit down. And the best thing for us to do in support of others is simply to be there and sit with them. Somehow people get taken care of. Somehow people go on. Somehow things slowly come back together in a new and different way.

Recently I took a class in metaphysics while spending a week at Unity Village. The class was taught by a man by the name of Paul Hasselbeck, who was at one time the Dean of the Seminary there, and is also the author of several books. Mr. Hasselbeck walked in to class one day and with one sentence, turned me inside out.

“I cannot really tell you that there is a reason for everything in the Universe, but I can tell you that you can bring reason to everything in the Universe.”

Now personally, in my perception of the Universe, there is no doubt a reason for everything. This has to be all-inclusive, it has to encompass all of the “good”, as well as all of the “bad” things that we experience. I have actually gotten to a place where I have answers. I have reasons. I know what resonates with me. I know what doesn’t feel so right, and I know what does.

But this is the question of all questions, and so many people are asking it; “Why do these bad things happen?”

The trick is that no other human being can answer the question for you.

My goal is often to introduce new ideas to people. I make up different scenario’s. I ask a lot of questions. I try and help people piece together a trail that leads them to understanding. A reason.

And this is what Mr. Hasselbeck explained so eloquently, that honestly, I had never really gotten before.

You see, I was the one who talked to people, who meditated, who read hundreds of books, and who went searching for an answer. I wanted to know the reason. In my searching, there were several different teacher’s and teachings, and books, that greatly resonated with me. Out of these, what developed was an understanding. What developed with that understanding, was that I then knew the reason. But, I had to be the one to bring the reason to the Universe.

I had to be the one to seek and find an understanding of the world, that made sense to me. The beauty of this, and I mean beauty, is that I may be totally wrong and it doesn’t even matter! It makes sense to me, and that is all that matters. My reasoning may not help you one bit.

But your reasoning can. Your reasoning will. We have to look at our own selves and ask these toughest of tough questions. We have to seek within, because that is where the answers lay. Once I started seeking and truly demanding to know, well… someone would walk up and say to me, “You have got to read this book!” and hand me a book. There have been times when I have had people walk up to me and just start answering my question without me ever even asking them. (or knowing them for that matter)

I will sit with you. I will talk with you. I will pray with you. I will ask you lots of questions. I will ask you to repeat yourself. I will do anything I can to assist you. But we each must discover what makes sense to us.

Now that all my questions are answered, does it still hurt? Yes, but in a very different way. For one thing, I don’t even glance at things that have nothing to do with me. I used to waste a lot of energy on things that I had no control over, and things that I saw on CNN that were a world away and all I could honestly do was bark my false sense of superiority.

The other big difference that I notice, is that when I do hurt, it is a “letting go” hurt, rather than a “holding on to” hurt.

Think about it. Come up with a story. Come up with an idea. Come up with an understanding of why the world works the way it does. Bring the reason. If it makes sense to you, if it resonates with you, then that is all that matters.

You deserve an answer to your question, and the only one who can answer it is you.

kyle_ssi_002 3Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner living in Savannah Georgia. To set up your phone, Skype, or in-office session, call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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How Easy Can It Be?

IMG_2569Getting used to life with no stress, anxiety, and drama can be a bit boring at first. It can also be that we are grieving our old way of living. I mean, we have been controlling the entire world, or trying to. Now we have let go of what we used to spend most of our energy on.

What we know and have known feels normal. What is new does not. It feels strange. It doesn’t seem as if it fits. Often, people tell me that “It feels like I just don’t care”. And I know that feeling well. It was so strange to look at a situation that I could do absolutely nothing about, and honestly just delete it.

You can really do it, even though it may seem impossible. It takes work, it takes practice, it takes trial and error, but it can be done. Frequently I see two different people who are going through a very similar situation, but their responses are very different. One person may be just fine, almost as if nothing is really happening, while another person may be overcome with stress and anxiety to the point of shutting down.

This plainly tells us that we manufacture our own stress and anxiety, and that means that we can learn to stop doing that.

So now what?

It gets easier. You get used to it, and though you will most likely go through a period of feeling “bored” or as if you don’t care, this will pass and you will soon find yourself immersed and busier than you ever imagined. And without all the stress and drama.

Why? Because your time and attention and energy are going to be on things that you can do something about. You are going to have a plan with simple easy steps to follow.

Instead of hating my life, I began to wake up thinking, “Hey, maybe this isn’t so bad after all!” Instead of waking up in dread, I began to wake up with a little excitement. Now it didn’t feel as if I was just being dragged by the horse anymore. I found myself looking forward to things again. There is more to life than what I had previously thought. There is so much more than what I used to be aware of.

And yes, it can be very easy.

Spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner Kyle Shiver works with people via phone/Skype, or in his office in Savannah Georgia. To schedule your appointment, call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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Claim Your Power!

elephany kilimanjaroPower isn’t something that is outside of you. It isn’t off in some distant place. Power isn’t something you have to beg and plead with, or something you have to bargain with. Power is not something that perhaps I have more of than you do.

But yes, there are people who are aware of their power, who claim their power and also do things to enhance their power. And there are those who have no clue.

I used to have absolutely no clue, and so I can easily identify with people who don’t know their power. I used to feel helpless. I used to be a victim, though I might have attacked you if you had confronted me with this fact. I used to not know what to do. I used to feel stuck. It wasn’t until I came to a crossroads, or a “bottom”, that I had to make a decision.

Do you want to go that way? Or do you want to go this way?

Unfortunately, you must go one way or the other. There is no sitting around here. At that particular time in my life, I knew how to be broken. I knew how to give in. I knew how to fall down. I knew how to say, “Oh well, we are just gonna die anyway so what does it matter?” I knew all that well.

But I had to be taught how to put things back together. I had to learn how to not give in and instead, find a way to hold my ground. I had to learn how to stand up and when I couldn’t, then I learned to find someone to lean on. Most importantly I learned that in my deepest inner self, I just cannot resonate with the idea that life is meaningless. That does not make sense to me.

I’ve read many accounts from doctors and scientists and psychiatrists, and all kinds of people, who say that “some people have a strong will to live, while other people don’t.” I have seen this with my own two eyes more than once. Come to think about it, I see it all the time. I see people all the time, and I can see pretty easily their “will to live”. I have seen people overcome absolutely most incredible feats, by using their will to live.

Regular readers may know of my friend who was in the motorcycle accident a few months ago. Well, the other day I went to see him, and he was standing outside on the curb waiting for me. It was so surreal. It was like a beautiful dream. The doctors hadn’t really wanted to take him, because they knew, and said as much, that “He could go either way.” A few months ago, his brain had been swelled up like a basketball and his head deformed. Now, here he was, staring on the curb with his arms out, waiting for a hug from me. He said, “God is good buddy, and God ain’t through with me yet.”

Most people who sustain injuries such as his, don’t make it. If they do, it is a lot more difficult and takes a lot more time. “I’ve been walking three miles a day, and in six months I’m going to be running again.” he told me. I just sat there in amazement at his zest for life, his spunk, his Spirit, his determination, and I know he isn’t kidding about running again.

He has claimed his power, even in the most terrible circumstances, and he will be running in no time, I assure you.

It is amazing to watch people who have claimed their power. Their determination is not a struggle. They don’t worry at all. There is no hardness to them. They will not laugh at or roll their eyes, or ridicule anyone for any reason. When I am around people like this, I just know that they know. And the power of their life force is beyond description.

My message for us today, for myself as well as for you, is that we do not have to wait until unfortunate circumstances come along to claim our power. We don’t have to wait for something to break, or for an accident, we can claim our power right now in this moment. I invite myself and you to answer the questions; “What is the meaning of my life?” “What is my purpose?” “What is really important to me?” “Who are the people who matter?”

And let’s not wait around for the answers to mysteriously come to us. Let’s claim what we know right now today. Let’s know that we are never going to be anything that isn’t already inside of us. The power is within us. Everything is within us.

Recently, one of my mentors told me in a very loving way, “Please don’t put me on a pedestal because whatever you see or experience coming from me, has to be in you!”

Today, I am going to claim it.

kyle_ssi_002 3Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and inspirational speaker, currently residing in Savannah Georgia. You can work with Kyle via phone or Skype(Kyle works with people all over the world!), or in-office. Call 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us



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I Had a “Moment”

Today is my daughter’s first day of first grade and I’m a mess.

I had the honor of walking her into the classroom, and that went according to plan, but then daddy lost it a little. At least it was long after leaving school property and out of sight of my daughter, who already wants to look cool in front of the other kids.

My poor wife made an attempt to talk to me or console me, but there’s no consoling me right now. A mess is a mess.

What I notice though, is that I think I should be a mess. It is okay to be a mess. It is perfectly okay to feel this way and to cry and to be maybe a little touchy.

You would be surprised at how often I hear people say, “I know I shouldn’t be so upset”, or “I know I shouldn’t feel this way”, or “I know I should be able to handle things and be stronger”.  And maybe this is where we repress our feelings. When we think that we shouldn’t feel the way we feel, we try not to. We try to put on a mask and not show how we feel, and maybe this is exactly how the bag we carry around gets over-filled.

Allow yourself to be you.

Then we keep letting go and moving forward!Lily 1st grade


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