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8f3011f66f21aaffb8ba6299399e8b7c“If I let myself get careless in school, everything else started to slide. I’d zone out at home or just wear whatever shirt I’d tossed on the floor the night before. On the other hand, if I aimed to be my best in one area, that commitment raised my game across the board.” Dr. Phil

This article written by Dr. Phil has been floating around my desk for a while now and it is from one of my wife’s Oprah magazines.

It reminded me of the idea that “The way you handle one dollar is the way you would handle  a million dollars.”

And Paramahansa Yogananda taught us this same lesson when he said  “the way someone handle’s a small matter will tell us how he will handle a large matter.”

What I liked most about the article was his idea and solution of picking one thing in your life and aiming to give it your best.

For someone like me who is involved in many different things, balance can seem almost impossible. I just went through a few months last year of giving up things because I knew that I wasn’t giving them the attention that they deserved.

As always, when I let go of things, new things come right in, and so life is probably even more full now than it was before.

But at the same time, things are different now.

It think that things are different because I let go of things that weren’t working. This made more room for things that were working, and also for new things to evolve.

There are actually a few things that I am striving to bring my “A game” to. And it is true that I see a difference in other areas of my life too.

As Doctor Phil says, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

It is a tough standard to hold myself to, but I do know that it is true. Everything I do, matters.


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Whatever Works

“Meditate the way that provides the best results.” Roy Eugene Davis

People sometimes seem puzzled when they attend one of my meditation workshops, because I don’t push any particular brand of meditation.

Paramahansa Yogananda was an advocate for Kriya Yoga meditation.

My friend Swami Ken is into keeping the focus on the “third eye.” (forehead between the brows)

OSHO had all kinds of meditations, and seemed to prefer movement such as spinning and dancing.

There is TM, which consists of repeating a mantra. There are different guided meditations, there is lots of “meditation music”, people use nature sounds, and even recordings of drumming, some people stare at a spot of the wall or a candle flame, and some people just focus on the breath.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how you achieve focus and quieting the mind.

All of these different meditation techniques are meant to help us achieve just that; the ability to focus our attention and to quiet the mind.

Some people meditate for an hour every day. Some people go to meditation retreats for different lengths of time. Some people meditate for twenty minutes twice a day. Some people meditate three times a week.

The idea is to find a discipline that works for you. The idea is to have a meditation practice of some sort that brings benefit to you.

I always suggest that people try different techniques until you find….. whatever works.

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When to Say “No!”

This is a topic that we have addressed before but it is also a continuing subject that comes up in my life.

We live in a fast world and it gets faster every day. There is so much instant communication, and thus, so many more opportunities than we may have had in the past.

We want to do this and we want to do that, and hold on a minute, “I just need to check this text.”

Soon we have over-scheduled ourselves. We have said “yes” so many times that there is no possibility of following through with half of the things we have agreed to do.

Things get done “half-way”, people get neglected, and then we become tired and cranky. Other people understandably get frustrated with us.

“Does this ever end?”

The answer to that question is, “Only when you stop it!”

I had to learn how to say, “That sounds like a great idea, but I cannot commit to it right now.” After all, how many things can one person really be committed to? How much time is there in a day?

When I am somewhere, I prefer to be able to be my best. I don’t want to do things half-way. Also, I don’t want to say that I will do something and then not do it.

If you are feeling as if you may be spread a little too thin, here are some things to consider;

- Make a list of all your commitments 

- Prioritize (When we are overly busy, it is impossible to take good car of ourselves) 

- Make some decisions and some changes about how you are spending your time. Drop some commitments if necessary and make sure to communicate this with those involved. 

- And above all, please make sure to take some time for YOU. When making a schedule, include a nice walk in the park, a movie, something “unplugged” and relaxing and fun that has nothing to do with work. 

It actually feels good to let some things go. It actually is okay to watch a show or listen to some music and just be “off.” But still I have to keep an eye on myself.

One thing for sure is that it is easy to tell when I get out of balance.

Let’s get back to our center!



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You Are An Easter Blessing

Most everyone agrees that Jesus spoke to us in parables.

But in between the parables, he spoke very clearly.

He said things like, “Behold! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” and “You will do even greater things than I.” and “See with your eyes, hear with your ears.”

The Easter season is a time of and a celebration of awakening to the Christ Consciousness that is within us all. It is all about being Present in this moment now.

When we are in this higher consciousness, we are connected to the Spirit within.

So let’s stay there!

From my family to yours, Happy Easter! Please enjoy this talk from last Wednesday at Tybee Spirit, where I give a metaphysical interpretation of Easter.

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Do You Like Waking Up In the Morning?

What if God loves us?

What if the Universe really is good?

What if the only thing working against us is us?

What if everything we perceive as a “problem” really isn’t a problem at all?

Waking up in the morning would sure be a lot better under these circumstances. To feel that you are loved by a God, that the Universe is at the very least impartial either way, to feel that possibly we can stop working against ourselves, and to maybe realize that there is a solution for every problem. (which deletes problems altogether)

It feels to me as if I’ve just barely entered into this new world. Kind of like sticking a toe in, just to check the temperature of the water.

Already though I can attest that it is very nice to wake up this way. It is very nice to experience life this way, and to respond to life this way.

Regular readers know that earlier this year my wife and I lost one of our close friends. It happened very unexpectedly and suddenly, and she was a thirty-three year old wife and mother of two.

That sent me right into the trees and caused me to question everything. There were a couple of weeks in which I could find no answer, no explanation, and I could see nothing good or right about it at all.

People listen to me. People listen to my podcast talks, and people read these blogs, and suddenly here I was asking myself, “What are you telling these people???”

In the end, once again, I came to the conclusion that a random world that just happened by mistake doesn’t make any sense to me.

And though I didn’t necessarily understand it, I was able to accept it and release it.

The Universe really is perfect. The stars and the moon and the ocean and the mountains and the sky and on and on I could go with the marvels of this world.

Everything in this world is a marvel if you stop and think about it.

We are all coming and going and the world is full of “good” and “bad” all around us all the time.

Either it’s all random or it isn’t.

The dark time forced me to question myself and explore myself in ways that were deeper than ever before.

And in the end I emerged with even stronger convictions.

I don’t even have to be right, it just has to make sense to me. And to me it seems that whatever force made this beautiful and amazing world, may know things that I don’t.

There may be things that I don’t necessarily like or understand, but today I know that all is in perfect Divine Order.

And it is nice to wake up in the morning feeling that way.

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Its All In the Mind

Kyle at Unity of SavannahOne thing that I am sure of is that if you can imagine doing something, then it is possible to really do it.

There was the time long ago when I was holed up in my bedroom attempting to learn an instrumental guitar piece. It was called “Dee”(if memory serves me) and it was on the Ozzy Osbourne record called “Blizzard of Oz.” (the one with “Crazy Train” on it)

The piece had been composed and played by Ozzy’s guitarist Randy Rhodes, who at the time was every guitar players hero.

And it was rightly deserved.

Try as I might though, there was something about this piece that I couldn’t get. Over and over I would lift the needle back to the beginning and over and over I was running into a wall.

After some time, I put down the guitar and went to sleep.

Soon the dream began and in the dream, there I was, and I was playing “Dee” perfectly!

“So that’s how he did that!” I thought in the dream.

But wait a minute! I’m dreaming!

I quickly decided that while dreaming I would play the song over and over again until I would be sure to remember upon awakening.

The next morning I picked up my guitar and played the piece effortlessly. As if I’d played it all my life.

Pretty cool little trick, huh?

Throughout my life I’ve worked and experimented with this little trick, and I would say that I am pretty good at it.

The trick is all about that moment when you see it.

It is also about knowing that it is there, even before you see it.

There have been times of great frustration. Times when I’ve tried to see and materialize things that no matter how hard I tried, they wouldn’t come to me. Yes I have swung and missed.

But I’ve had some hits too, and many more hits than misses. As a matter of fact, I’ve hit a couple of real doozies in my time.

In life we are always up to bat. If you swing and miss, you can always try again.

Trying to hit a baseball is kind of the same as in golf in that if you try to hit the ball really hard, you are likely to miss.

So sometimes it is good to just stop and take a deep breath and relax. Sometimes you have to find a way to not try so hard.

I’ve always remembered and been most intrigued with the simple fact that the night I learned how to play that little song, I didn’t even have my guitar in my hand. Heck, I wasn’t even awake.

It’s all in the mind.


Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver is a visionary and Spiritual Leader at Tybee Spirit, as well as a spiritual healer and inspirational speaker. And yes, he plays music too! Phone/Skype with Kyle from anywhere in the world! Schedule by calling 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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To Rise Above Duality

self cenetered centered selfAs human beings who are having a human experience, we are immersed in a world of “duality.”

The Universal Law of Polarity tells us that everything we know here in this world, has an opposite. And so what does that mean? How can I use this Law to improve my self and my life?

Just simply being aware of “duality” really helped me a lot.

The idea that you can’t have one without the other made a lot of sense to me. If there was no such thing as “bad”, then we would have absolutely nothing to gage “good” by. To have one without the other is impossible.

Then the next idea that came to me was when looking back on my life, the “tough” times actually had turned out to have been the best thing that could have happened for me.

There were also lots of times when I got what I wanted, only to find that it really wasn’t all that great. Things usually look much different from the outside looking in.

So could it be that when things appear to be “bad”, they are actually “good”? And vice-versa? Could it be that in my humanness I cannot tell what is “good” and what is “bad?”

Could this be?


What happened with me was that something “bad” would happen, and instead of my typical reaction, I would pause and think a little bit. Sometimes I don’t understand or know what is happening, but I have learned that when people leave, or when a door closes, or when a door won’t open, this is the Universe telling me that someone new is about to appear, another door is about to open, or that I am at the wrong door.

I became a lot more careful when something “good” happened too. No more getting overly excited, because I now knew better.

Am I expecting all these things to make me happy?

Then it really hit home with me that all these things are pretty much, “What I want and what I don’t want.”

They are always somewhere else. There is always something else. When I get caught up in all of that, the one this that is for sure is that I am not present in the NOW.

When I am in my center and grounded, everything just is. Maybe its good or bad or maybe it isn’t. It just is.

I respond to whatever the situation may be, and pass a lot less judgement than in the days of old.

Life is much easier and much more fun this way.

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver is an inspirational speaker, visionary and Spiritual Leader of Tybee Spirit, which meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Tybee Arts Association building located at 7 Cedarwood Ave on Tybee Island. 

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We’ve Got It Made

Kyle 2For most of the day today, I felt as if things were not okay.

I don’t know why that happens sometimes, but it does.

It is a feeling that I am very familiar with too. There is nothing particular that is wrong, it is just this nagging feeling that something is amiss.

When it happens I get intense and pretty snappy.

So today I just kept reminding myself over and over again, that “there is nothing wrong!”

Of course there really is nothing wrong.

Well… you can sure find something that is wrong if you try. I don’t even have to try because that talent is just naturally built-in.

When I catch myself focusing on the “bad” or “what is wrong”, It then becomes a mission to find the “good.”

We all know that what we focus on is very important. The more we focus on it, the more of it we will get in our lives.

At one point today I just went outside and sat in the beautiful day, and just enjoyed being there.

I have many many things to be grateful for. There are many things, and there are many people in my life that I can enjoy.

The more I focus on these things and these people, the more they grow. The “good” and the Love is coming at me from every direction these days.

But some days I have to keep remembering and keep re-directing my focus over and over again.

The truth is that I’ve got it made.

And so do you.

Why don’t we just enjoy this?


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Social Media and Spirituality

Last week here in Savannah, an apartment complex caught fire, and before it was over, twenty-one units were completely destroyed.


That is a staggering amount of people who left home that day not knowing that they were going to lose everything they didn’t take with them to work or school, or wherever they were going.

Soon I began to see posts all over Facebook from people who had lost their place to live, people who had friends and family members who suddenly had nothing but the clothes on their backs.

And the flurry began.

“Be specific!” “What size shoes?” “Do the kids need school uniforms?” “What kind of toys do they like?” “How can we help?”

There were people running all over town like little elves, and even people from out-of-town who were mailing boxes of clothes and household items.

I was once again totally amazed by the human race.

For all the political and religious “debates” and comments and bad news that I regularly see on Facebook, let me just say that when I shared that some of my friends needed help, not one person asked me, “Did they vote for Obama?” or “Are they for or against abortion?”

Nobody mentioned or questioned how these people felt about gay marriage, or even asked if they were gay or not.

Nobody asked me if they were church goers or which church they attend.

All anybody asked me was, “What do they need and how can I get it to them?”

For those of you who came through and helped my friends, Heather and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We thank everyone who helped anyone, and there are a lot of you out there, because I watched it all on my news feed.

Yes, as it turns out, Facebook and Spirituality can go hand in hand sometimes.

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The Law of Polarity/Duality

Here is an audio talk from tonights Tybee Spirit Celebration, on the Law of Duality. Yes, it is a Universal law that everything we know has an opposite.

In this talk I speak about learning to use this Law to work in your favor!

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