The “Maiden Voyage”

Tybee Spirit held our first service on Tuesday of this week, and it left me speechless.

I am a changed man.

Everything is different now though, even if I’m not sure how to explain it.

We will have video and audio available some time in the coming weeks and will be sure to post and let you know.

There were many people who played a role, and to each of you, THANK YOU!!!

We had so much fun and so much celebration and there was so much SPIRIT in the house, that it was hard to believe.

But I saw it with my own eyes and felt it with my own heart.

We will be having our next service on Wednesday January 28th, once again at 6:30 at the Ocean Plaza on Tybee. I will be speaking, and will once again be joined by Reverend Dale Worley from Unity of Savannah, who will bless us with his amazing music. (and yes we will play more music together).

So mark those calendars and plan on joining us!

Many blessings!


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Tybee Spirit First Service!

If you are in our area, please come and celebrate with Tybee Spirit at our first service!

Wednesday December 17th
6:30 p.m. Service followed by snacks and refreshments
Ocean Plaza Conference Center on Tybee

We have the service planned out and it is going to be a wonderful evening. We are pleased to announce that the Reverend Dale Worley from Unity of Savannah will be playing music for us!

We will have a candle lighting ceremony, to honor all the major religions of the world, a meditation, and then I will give a talk on “Oneness Consciousness”.

Tybee Spirit SMALLThis is going to be an amazing night and we hope you will join us!


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You Did What???

1507897_611893802193481_994967802_nThe other night in conversation with a friend, she was telling me about a situation in which, “I wasn’t as good as I would have liked to have been.”

It seems that she had “totally lost it” on someone.

I have no doubt that the poor soul she “lost it” on, had it coming. But the fact is that when we “lose it”, we do not feel good.

To “lose it” means that I have a great disturbance inside, which belongs to me.

But it happens.

Sometimes we are presented with situations that are too much for us to handle. Typically when this happens to me, I hear myself saying, “This is out of my league!”

When we are entering a situation that we know might be tricky, we can be on guard and prepare ourselves for it.

Other times unexpected things just happen and there is no prep time.

But in either case, you know the drill around here. When I am disturbed, I am disturbed. It cannot be the other person.

I am not always as good as I’d like to be either. It has been quite some time since I have “lost it” on someone, but trust me, it could still happen.

And the only way through it is to look within.

Also please remember that this is how we grow. That disturbance is telling us something, pointing at something. That disturbance is the Universe attempting communication with us.

So in some strange way, we actually need the disturbance.

But wait a minute…. you did what???

Have a good sense of humor towards yourself. Don’t take things so seriously. Brush off and keep it moving forward!

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Building Gratitude

You know how sometimes a word can strike you in a funny way?

Recently I was reading and studying and came across an author who was talking about how we often look for what is “absent” in our lives.

It is easy to spot the things that we want but don’t have.

It is easy to spot when people aren’t acting the way we want them to.

It is so strange how ninety-nine things can go right, but let that one thing go wrong, and BOOM. All of our focus can go there to that one thing, and suddenly the ninety-nine “right” things don’t even exist.

We cannot even see them, much less feel any gratitude for them. We place all our attention on what is “wrong”, or rather, on what is “absent” in our lives.

Of course this is the old “Attitude of Gratitude” idea that we are all so familiar with, but this word “absence” just hit home with me for some reason.

What is absent in my life? What is not there?

It has been quite interesting to shift my focus over to what is “present” in my life. Actually it is hard to believe all the “things” that are present in my life.

Even after doing clean out after clean out, there are still many “things” around which I have no use for and don’t even use.

But the really important things that are present in my life are the people. The relationships. The people who care about me. The people that I care about.

The real truth is that I am a pretty standoffish guy. Though as a musician and public figure, there are always many people in my life, I don’t necessarily get close to people.

But lately I have found myself being more my true self with a few more people than usual. And lately I have been in total awe of the love that the people around me have for me.

What I am most grateful for today, is that I can be present for my life.

What is present in your life today?

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The Beauty of Meditation

“That’s crazy!” he said.

“It is impossible to not think.” he said.

Then he said, “To think that you aren’t thinking is a thought!”

I knew right away that this man had not yet awakened and was still living in the mind. You see, there is a part of you that might say to me, “Kyle, my mind is racing and it won’t stop!” It would be that very same part of you that might also say, “Kyle, my mind is quiet and still and isn’t racing right now.”

And that part of you who knows weather the mind is busy or still… is not the mind. It is YOU!

That is the part I call SPIRIT.

We are spiritual beings, having a human experience. We are awareness. We are the “observer” or the “witness.” And the mind-body is our vehicle.

That’s right, it is for us to drive.

If you will take a few minutes each day and diligently practice holding your focus in one place, you will soon see that you can do it. You can focus on your breath or a mantra, or a spot on the wall or your “third eye”, it really doesn’t matter what you focus on.

The point is that you practice holding your focus.

And it will be just like anything else, in that the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

Soon you will realize that you are sitting there alone with your breath(or whatever you are holding your focus on) and that it is quiet in the mind. Then you will realize that you can do this any time you want to.

Then one night you will get in bed and your mind will want to start up with some worry or resentment, and you will say, “No!” You will direct your attention to you point of focus, and now you have learned to direct your mind, instead of being a victim of it.

This is the beauty of meditation.

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Faith is Knowing

Kyle with with Reverend Dale Worley

Kyle with with Reverend Dale Worley

The Reverend Dale Worley gave one of his best talks this morning at Unity of Savannah.

Being the second week of Advent, he chose to speak on “Faith”, rather than on “Hope”, and that is because n the metaphysical/spiritual world, we don’t “hope”, we KNOW.

Faith is knowing.

To hope is to wish and maybe not be too sure.

And if you are working with the Universal Laws, there is no hoping and wishing, everything is pretty cut and dried. And you know.

Dale spoke about the story of Bethesda from the New Testament, and he also spoke about the story of Jesus walking on water. He told us that in the Bible, Jesus never says, “I healed you.” Instead, Jesus always says, “By your faith, you are healed.”

In the story of Jesus walking on water, Peter actually asks Jesus to invite him to walk on water. At first everything goes okay, but then, (Matthew 14:30-31)

30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” 31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

Later on today another friend of mine spoke of the idea of, “Just doing the next right thing.”

He said that you have to do the next right thing, even when it doesn’t seem to be working in your favor.

The next right thing might make you late for an appointment. It might mean that you have to make a call and get yourself on a payment plan. Whatever the next right thing is, you gotta do it, no matter the cost.

And again I thought of faith.

When you do the next right thing, even when you don’t want to and even when it doesn’t seem to be working in your favor, this is when you are using your faith.

As Reverend Dale told us this morning, “You have faith built in, you just have to use it!”

If you have faith in the Universal Laws or in God, then you know that if you do the next right thing, things will work out. Even when it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

This is actually how you activate the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Jesus spoke of this Law when he told us that we will be forgiven when we forgive, and when he told us that to give is to receive.

You don’t have to hope or wish. Jesus did not say that, “If you forgive, then maybe you will be forgiven.” or “If you give then there is a possibility that you will receive.”

Jesus knew the Law or “the Way” or whatever you wish to call it. And he also knew that there are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

Lilly Belle and Maximus the cat.

Lilly Belle and Maximus the cat.

Here in my world, we just went on a payment plan with our veterinarian, because our cat Max keeps coming home all beat up.

Then there was the dental procedure that I had done recently and found out later that my insurance won’t cover it. Another payment plan.

I also need to call the I.R.S. and re-arrange my payment plan with them.

It can easily appear to me as if things are piling up awful high. But I know from past experience that if I do the right thing, it will all work out. What seems like a momentous problem to me, probably isn’t that big of a deal to God.


So today my invitation for us is to meditate on doing “the next right thing” in our lives. What does that mean in your world today?


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The Angel Lillie Sands

with Lily Belle, and Miss Lillie Sands

with Lily Belle, and Miss Lillie Sands

Miss Lillie was my biggest fan.

She told me so all the time as she was hugging me. She would also ask me, “Are you gonna play my song today?”

When the band was playing, Miss Lillie was always the first one standing and ready to clap her hands and dance. Sometimes I could hear her urging us on, saying “Come on!”

Another thing she used to say to me all the time was, “You can do it!”

But Miss Lillie and I go way back. She was always a positive light, and she was always the kind of person that we should all want to be.

She cared.

When she found out that Heather and I were having a baby and were going to name her Lily, she brought the new born a card with a twenty dollar bill in it. The card read, “Hello Lily, my name is Lillie too!”

Many of us were blessed by Miss Lillie, and it will be an honor to play her song tomorrow at her memorial service.

She and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Some Tips on Getting Centered or “Grounded”

IMG_1837My routine is constantly changing and sometimes it feels as if things are very much out of control.

Especially this time of year during the holidays, when there are big changes in the routine. It is hard to explain, but my constantly changing routine sort of becomes a routine, and so when that gets interrupted, it can leave me feeling slightly out of sorts.

The most important thing that I can do is to remind myself that, “There is nothing bad happening.”

Usually I am surrounded by love and everything is fine. There’s a lot of time with family during the holidays, and then at home everything is okay. My wife and daughter, our cat Max and our dog Coco… shouldn’t leave out the two turtles and the two hamster’s either.

I am surrounded by good people and good things.

So it is important to acknowledge that everything is fine. Perhaps I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed with things. This simple awareness that “everything is okay except for me”, is usually enough for me to get hold of myself and feel grounded.

Here are some ideas on getting centered/grounded when you become disturbed:

- Remember that the body and mind work best when on a routine. Even if your schedule changes often, try and have some routine. An example is that even though I work and go to sleep at different times most every day, I always brush my teeth and meditate before bed.

- Have things that are calming to you in your environment. You can have photo’s of family or of your guru to look at, crystal’s or stones, or a nice painting. It makes you smile when you look at it. 

- People who know me know that I usually have a small bottle of lavender essential oil with me. This scent just has a wonderful calming effect on me, and helps tremendously with my sinus issues too. Find a pleasant scent that works for you!

- If a situation is just too much for you to handle right now, it is perfectly fine to eject yourself from it. “I just need a few minutes.” is all you need to say. Go off by yourself and take a few minutes to re-group. Deep breath, talk to yourself, and wait a few minutes. This works for me every time. 

Please share with us how you get yourself centered when needed!

IMG_3510Kyle Shiver is an inspirational speaker and spiritual counselor. Ready to make some positive changes in your life? Call 912-495-8520 or e-mail

and yes there is an elephant in the background of this picture.

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Let Us See

Not long ago I was reading a book, and the author had this idea that God made the world and then disappeared.

If you think about it, electricity and every piece of technology that we have today, was there during biblical times. They just didn’t know about it yet, and things hadn’t developed to this point as of yet.

But its not like we invented anything new. We just found new ways to use what was already there.

Also, the Universal Laws have always been the same. The Laws, such as the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Gravity… these are all what we call “Absolute.”

A person could read most any scripture, and see clearly that the Universal Laws, or “the Way” if you will, is being taught.

Having spent many years attempting to bend the Universal Laws to my will, I finally began to try and get myself into accord with them. The more in-line I am with the Laws, … the more I see.

In other words, I don’t believe in a punishing God. That idea never felt right in my heart.

What does make sense to me is these Laws. You can follow them and actually use them to your benefit, or you can go against them and pay the price.

First I saw that the Laws do in fact work. Then I began to see that there are many things around us that we don’t see.

Or that the things around us aren’t necessarily as they seem.

My mantra for quite some time was a quote from Jesus; “Behold! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

What resulted from the use of this mantra was that I began to see and experience that Heaven is all around me. The more I obey and follow the Universal Laws, the more clearly I see Heaven.

Whatever it may be that you want in your life, is already there.

Let us see.

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Love Is All Around Us

Many of our spiritual teachers have said that at our core, we are Love.

The Beatles actually said, “Love is all there is.”

So it is impossible for us to do anything that doesn’t originate from this Love. A Course In Miracles teacher Marianne Williamson says that, “Every action is either an act of Love, or a cry for Love.”

It’s not only all around us, it IS us.

It took me a while of studying and meditation for this concept to get it, but when it finally hit home, it changed my life drastically.

When we change our reasoning, the whole world changes.

Learning to see that there is ONE and that all things come from that ONE, was a big change in my reasoning. And this new reasoning did indeed, change the world.

No matter what anyone says or does, I know that it is either an act of love or a cry for love. No matter what you say or do, I know that it originates from your core self, which is pure Love.

You may do something “bad” or “evil”, but when I know why, when I look a little deeper and see that you are acting out of, or crying out for Love, this brings us together instead of separating us in my mind.

Whenever I do get upset, it is always because I have fallen into the idea that there two powers in the Universe.

It is time to remind myself that, “If God is God, then God is God.”

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